formwork and scaffolding structure

We provide various types of formwork and scaffolding systems at differing procurement options including scaffolding as a service, outright purchase, and as a rental service. All formwork and scaffolding materials are directly imported from world reputed manufacturers, owing to Yashi Holdings successful global supply chain of renowned formwork and scaffolding manufacturers from across the globe

Scaffolding Rental - Yashi Holdings provides an extensive product range of high tensile,
carbon steel scaffolding and formwork systems on rental terms.
Outright Purchase - New & used, high quality and price competitive scaffolding and
formwork systems at ranging specifications are available for outright purchase.
Standard - All our Scaffoldings meets the following BSEN standards:-
– BS EN 12811-2 (Scaffoldings)
– BS EN 12811-3 (Scaffoldings)
– BS 1139-2.2 (Couplers)
Skilled workers - We provide skilled workers according to the project requirements for above mentioned scaffolding works

  • Scaffolds supported by I Beams
  • Independent scaffolds
  • Scaffolds supported by Cantilever Brackets
  • Birdcage scaffolds
  • Access scaffolds
  • Handrails
  • Hanging scaffolding/Suspended scaffolds
  • Mobile scaffoldings